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John Rankin @ June 23, 2015

I am a software developer.  This means I create and develop software in order to solve problems.  If your problem is that you do not have a webpage, sure, I can create a solution for you by creating a functional webpage for you or your company.  But my expertise goes far beyond that.

Wouldn’t you love to have “this or that” in your business? 

How about a site, where you and employees (if needed) of your company have only access to, and can reach all of your records, have them be always up-to-date, all from a click of a button?  This essentially means it could be a possibility that you have total control of your business and be given the ability to make the correct decision for your business because you have all of your information readily available at all times.  

Let’s say you own a hotel.  Do your customers have to call you specifically each time to place a reservation?    What if you were traveling and you had no service?  You might have just lost a reservation booking to another hotel in the area that actually answered their phone.  This could have cost you quite a lot of money overtime if it happens enough times.  For myself and the countless others, when I decide I am going to book a hotel, I am not going to wait around until the next day hoping that person answers, I’ll simply give someone else my business.  

A lot of people nowadays book everything online.  It’s a great way to quickly find an answer about “room availability”.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reservation system, not only for the customer, but also for the business owner themselves where they can look ahead to the next coming months and plan accordingly?   Now, I am not saying that you should remove your phone number, so customers cannot get ahold of you, because the more options you give a customer, the more likely you will succeed.  Instead of writing it down in some calendar, you would simply put their information into your custom-built system.  Essentially, all you are doing is putting their information into a computer database.

This is what I thrive and excel at.  The example reservation system I stated above is called a “Web Application”.   You might have heard of it before.   It can be external (as in the Public can interact with it), or private to a company, and in some instances, both can access it.  Web applications make it easier for people to be able to manage data efficiently.  

Simply put, if I have information, I can do stuff with it. 

Here’s a simple example (still following a Hotel reservation Web App idea):
A customer books a room with you, either online or on the phone (the web application would record Name, Address, Email Address & phone, etc). 

If a customer, later on, wants to know what day they were there, with a simple click of a button, you can have all of the information about that related customer such as: when they stayed, how many times they’ve stayed throughout the year, and how much they paid each time.  Having adequate, and correct information is critical to giving back great customer Service. 

So that’s it?  Not even close.    You have their email address recorded too.  I could make you a report that pulls out all of the email addresses, and allow you to send mass emails to all of your previous customers giving them Enticing deals!  What a great way to keep customers coming back and not going anywhere else.  What a great, efficient, way to market.

This was only a quick non-throughout example.    Could you imagine if I put even more thought into what this web app to do?  The possibilities are endless.

What I can do for you and what I excel at:

As stated before, I thrive in Web Applications.    I use databases with a web interface to give customers exactly what they need.   If it’s simply getting a business to throw away paper forms, and transform them into Electronic Forms, I believe you would be so completely satisfied by that decision alone, that you will wonder why you didn’t meet with me sooner and will ask me what else I can do for you.

Possibilities of what an ordinary customer may want:

  • Throw away paper forms, and transform them into Electronic Forms .
    • With the functionality to easily edit any information at a later date with ease.
    • Allows quick retrieval, and organization.
  • Payment Processing
    • Allow you to have another way of getting money from customers
    • Includes custom reporting
  • Customized Reports
    • Give yourself a quick, always-up-to-date look at your business anytime you want on anything you record in your business.
    • Calculations on large amounts of data
  • Ability to keep track of things
    • This could mean anything from Product Inventory, to how many Customers, etc.
  • Automation of Tasks
  • And many more.
  • Have an idea? Ask me and I’ll give you my honest opinion if it can be done.

Essentially, when everything is recorded in your database, you are now given the ability to save yourself hours of time doing repetition work by yourself by hand which can save you countless hours.


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